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flash Flash Games

Flash Mario Bros

Super Mario nintendo game with the option to play as either Mario or Luigi.
Super Mario Flash HV

Run around as Mario jump on goombas, kick shells and pick up coins to increase high score.
Super Mario Flash v2

Run through the level as Mario, jump on koompas, avoid koopa troopas and collect coins.
12 Many

The screen flashes quickly and it ask you how many stars you seen. Can get quite challenging.
Birdy 2

Better than the now famous Fishy flash game.
Ovcata Ninja

A great flash fighting game with ninjas.
Super Flash Mario Bros.

A flash remake of the original Super Mario Bros.
Super Mario Flash 2

Guide Mario through the mushroom kingdom yet again.

Select your character Cloud, Sephiroth, Kain or Terra and battle against dangerous foes like Mario.
FlashTrek: Romulan Wars

Find dilithium among other minerals, battle against Romulans and Klingons, upgrade your ship and get
Real Pool

Play 8 ball pool against your computer in this flash version and be the first to pot all the assigne
Weight Lifting

This flash version of the popular sport weight lifting tests your mouse clicking strength.
F16 Steel Fighter

A incredible 3D flying simulator in flash!
Flash Tiles

Eliminate all the pairs of tiles with similar pattern on them, from a huge stack of tiles.
Tennis: Ace

Tennis game make in Flash
Cubic Rubic

This is an online Rubic Cube done in Flash
King Pin Bowling

One of the best bowling game make in Flash
Flash Life Buoys

Save as many people as you can from the ship
Shootin' Hoops

Flash basketball games with good graphic

Minesweeper in Flash and can be customised
Super Monkey Poop Fight

Go around collect banana in this Flash game

Tetris clone
Flash Strike

Kill as many terrorists as possible with your gun
Flash Golf

3D Flash Golf game with realistic graphic
Ma Balls

This is a sports game done in Flash - you have to run and try to bounce the balls

This is a Simon Says game done in flash
Arkanoid Flash

Another Arkanoid Clone
Video Poker

Video poker game in Flash
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